Representative Cases

    On behalf of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, Enyo Law issued an English High Court claim worth over $2.1 billion against French bank, Société Générale in March 2014, regarding allegations that the bank had funneled bribes in order to procure a series of trades.

    The trades involved members of the SocGen Group making payments totalling approximately $58 million to the Sixth Defendant, Leinada Inc, a Panamanian company ultimately owned and/or controlled by the Fifth Defendant, Walid Giahmi, allegedly for services provided in connection therewith. 

    Over the course of the litigation, Enyo Law helped the LIA secure early disclosure of bank and accounting records in the Fifth Defendant’s control relating to the use and present whereabouts of payments made to the intermediary’s Panamanian company (as well as securing the restoration of that company to the Panamanian Register).

    Set down for a 13-week trial commencing in May 2017, Enyo Law achieved a confidential settlement at the start of the trial, with Société Générale apologizing to the LIA and placing on the record “its regret about the lack of caution of some of its employees.”

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