Representative Cases

    Enyo Law acts for Robert Gray, the former Chairman of Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank and a shareholder in GEHC, an advisory and investment firm, who was alleged to have diverted an opportunity to acquire interests in technology for the stimulation of late life oil wells.

    GEHC considered these wells to be worth in excess of $500 million. 

    The complex proceedings were split between a Liability Trial heard in 2012 and an Enquiry Trial heard in 2015. After finding in GEHC’s favour at the Liability Trial, at the Enquiry Trial, the Court again found in favour of GEHC finding that Mr Gray held certain interests in the technology (that he denied and denies) but was unable to value those interests. The Court ordered a further trial to value those interests, following which Enyo Law was instructed for Mr Gray.

    At the Valuation Hearing in May 2019, the Court found that the interests Mr Gray was found to have were valueless and was scathing in its dismissal of GEHC’s case and its expert evidence. In contrast, the Court found that the presentation of Mr Gray’s expert evidence was “meticulous in its attention to detail and clearly and convincingly reasoned.”

    The judgment can be viewed here

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