Business Intelligence

Enyo Law is the only City law firm with an in-house business intelligence capability.

Corporate intelligence must be acquired lawfully and ethically for it to be relied on in evidence. By bringing our business intelligence capability in-house, we have gained transparency over how intelligence is gathered and are also able to ensure greater control over costs than when, as is common, a third party is involved.

Our fresh approach gives our lawyers ready access to intelligence at an early stage which can help shape their litigation strategy and to reliable and admissible evidence in support of a case coming to court or arbitration.

Amongst other services our Business Intelligence team offers:

  • Asset-tracing and the identification of beneficial owners;
  • Evidence-gathering, including in challenging jurisdictions;
  • Fraud investigation and the preserving of evidence in cases concerned with asset dissipation;
  • Unravelling complex corporate structures to show ownership and interests; and
  • Identifying witnesses and collating their testimonies.

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