Cyber risk affects everyone.

It is pervasive, ever-changing and multi-faceted. Understanding the complex legal environment relevant to a cyber breach should be an essential element of a strategically managed post-breach response.

It is vital to establish whether you, your business entity (or a third party) is legally responsible for losses flowing from the cyber breach event and whether such losses are realistically recoverable.

As conflict free disputes specialists, we have the integrated expertise to lead your post-breach legal response. We are accustomed to working with both in-house and external specialist teams. Some of the following issues or actions are likely to be relevant to you:

  • cyber insurance policy (or “silent cyber”) coverage or claims disputes
  • regulatory investigations or defence
  • bringing or defending third-party claims for loss or damage arising from actionable negligence or breach of contract
  • actioning or defending shareholders’ derivative claims arising out of cyber breach
  • claiming against or defending directors and officers (D & O) in relation to losses arising from negligent cyber risk management
  • supply chain claims for cyber losses due to breach of express or implied warranties on cyber assurance
  • managing losses due to inadequate cyber risk due diligence in corporate acquisition/financings/public offerings
  • group (or class) actions
  • subrogation actions
  • cryptocurrency asset recoveries and disputes

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