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Due Paranoia (Part 2): Assessing the Enforcement Risk Under the English Arbitration Act

14/3/2017 | Blogs & Articles

This blog was originally published on the Kluwer Arbitration Blog on 20 February 2017 and focuses on applications made to the English courts to...

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ICSID award no replacement for annulled OHADA award (Getma v Guinea)

14/3/2017 | Blogs & Articles

Dr Rémy Gerbay, Of Counsel at Enyo Law and lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London, considers what lessons can be learnt from the complex...

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Update on Undercover Torpedoes and Unilateral Jurisdiction Clauses

27/2/2017 | Blogs & Articles

In a previous blog post last year, consideration was given to whether or not unilateral jurisdiction clauses qualified as exclusive jurisdiction...

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The General Data Protection Regulation: Protection or Problem?

18/1/2017 | Blogs & Articles

Former Enyo Law Legal Assistant Sam Parsons discusses some of the positive features of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as the...

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Derogating from Open Justice: Principles and Potential Problems

22/12/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The principle of open justice is fundamental to the rule of law and to democratic accountability.

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Part 36 Offers: Still Governed By Common Law Principles of Offer and Acceptance?

16/12/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The High Court has recently held in DB Bank UK Ltd v Jacobs Solicitors [2016] EWHC 1614 (Ch) that where a settlement offer outside of the Part 36...

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Update on Legal Professional Privilege

14/12/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The past few weeks have seen a number of important decisions in relation to Legal Professional Privilege ('LPP').

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Essar v Norscot: Impact on Third Party Funding in Arbitration

25/11/2016 | Blogs & Articles

On 22 November, John Beechey CBE, Former President of the ICC Court of Arbitration, and Steven Friel, Chief Investment Officer at Woodsford...

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Court of Appeal unanimously upholds landmark ruling in relation to legal professional privilege

25/11/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Enyo Law’s Joel Seager and Max Hotham discuss the landmark Court of Appeal judgment handed down on 18 November 2016. The judgment means that a...

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Update on Implied Terms and Obligations

11/11/2016 | Blogs & Articles

In the case of Marks & Spencer plc v BNP Paribas (Enyo Blog, 9 December 2015), the Supreme Court re-iterated the limited circumstances in which a...

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Court of Appeal unanimously allow appeal in jurisdictional dispute involving the Bank of Portugal

10/11/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Lord Justice Moore-Bick, Lord Justice Sales and Lady Justice Gloster unanimously agreed, in their judgement handed down on 4 November 2016, that the...

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CoA to decide whether English Court has jurisdiction in a dispute involving the Bank of Portugal’s exercise of powers pursuant to the European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive 2014/59/EU

24/10/2016 | Blogs & Articles

On 30 July 2014, Banco Espírito Santo SA ('BES'), Portugal’s second largest private bank, announced first half losses of over €3.5 billion. On...

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Summary Judgment and Strike-Out: A Racy Reminder

4/10/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Judgment recently handed down by the Commercial Court in the motorsport dispute between Francois Kryvenko v Renault Sport Racing Limited ([2016] EWHC...

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Are You Being Served?

31/8/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Enyo’s Director of Business Intelligence, Paul Austin, was instructed to serve a claim form in the UK on Mr Mikhelson, a non-English speaking...

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Undercover Torpedoes and Unilateral Exclusive Jurisdiction Clauses

9/8/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Before the recast Brussels Regulation came into effect in January 2015, a party was able to delay proceedings in the Member State court chosen by...

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High Court Approval of Predictive Coding

25/7/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Predictive coding is one of the more recent developments in technology assisted review ('TAR') in the context of large-scale electronic disclosure...

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What Factors Will the Courts Take Into Account When Considering Applications for Security?

20/7/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The Commercial Court held last week that only in rare and exceptional cases is the wealth of an applicant for security for costs, or an applicant’s...

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The EU, Brexit and Investor-State Disputes

7/7/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The future of cross-border legal disputes is among the myriad questions raised by Britain’s proposed exit of the European Union and of significant...

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Is the right to appeal in the English Arbitration Act anachronistic?

24/5/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The purpose of this article is to summarily highlight the current importance of section 69 of the English Arbitration Act (s.69 hereafter) even...

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Court of Appeal Judgment provides welcome clarity to the law of minority shareholder rights

20/5/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The Court of Appeal ('CoA') handed down its judgment on 20th May 2015 in the case of Arbuthnott v Bonnyman and others (in the Matter of Charterhouse...

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