Enyo Law acts for the Bank of Portugal in Supreme Court success

5/7/2018 | Articles

In a strong outcome for the Bank of Portugal ("BdP") that will come as a relief to resolution authorities throughout the EU, the Supreme Court has...

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The Position of Insolvency Officeholders and Privilege

12/2/2018 | Articles

Joel Seager of Enyo Law and James Mather of Serle Court Chambers examine the position of insolvency officeholders and privilege in the...

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ICSID award no replacement for annulled OHADA award (Getma v Guinea)

14/3/2017 | Articles

Dr Rémy Gerbay, Of Counsel at Enyo Law and lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London, considers what lessons can be learnt from the complex...

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The General Data Protection Regulation: Protection or Problem?

18/1/2017 | Articles

Former Enyo Law Legal Assistant Sam Parsons discusses some of the positive features of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as the...

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Court of Appeal unanimously upholds landmark ruling in relation to legal professional privilege

25/11/2016 | Articles

Enyo Law’s Joel Seager and Max Hotham discuss the landmark Court of Appeal judgment handed down on 18 November 2016. The judgment means that a...

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Court of Appeal unanimously allow appeal in jurisdictional dispute involving the Bank of Portugal

10/11/2016 | Articles

Lord Justice Moore-Bick, Lord Justice Sales and Lady Justice Gloster unanimously agreed, in their judgement handed down on 4 November 2016, that the...

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CoA to decide whether English Court has jurisdiction in a dispute involving the Bank of Portugal’s exercise of powers pursuant to the European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive 2014/59/EU

24/10/2016 | Articles

On 30 July 2014, Banco Espírito Santo SA ('BES'), Portugal’s second largest private bank, announced first half losses of over €3.5 billion. On...

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Summary Judgment and Strike-Out: A Racy Reminder

4/10/2016 | Articles

Judgment recently handed down by the Commercial Court in the motorsport dispute between Francois Kryvenko v Renault Sport Racing Limited ([2016] EWHC...

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Litigation and Arbitration Funding

16/10/2015 | Articles

There are a number of funding options available that can help ease the legal costs burden and reduce the financial risk of the proceedings in which...

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Welcome clarity for shareholders on the law of double derivative claims

17/8/2015 | Articles

The recent case of Bhullar v Bhullar is important and of relevance in confirming the availability of double derivative claims to shareholders...

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Consumer Rights Act 2015 to radically overhaul UK competition law landscape

5/8/2015 | Articles

On 1 October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act (the 'CRA') is expected to come into force. When it does so, it will herald a comprehensive overhaul of...

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Section 69 almost 20 years on…

25/6/2015 | Articles

When the English Arbitration Bill was being debated in early 1996, a controversial issue considered was whether to retain a right of appeal on a...

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The English Courts come to the aid of successful claimants in arbitrations

1/5/2015 | Articles

The freezing injunction (also known as the Mareva injunction) has been a central feature in English litigation for several decades now, along with...

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LIBOR Claims: a Silver Bullet or a Nuclear Assault?

1/5/2013 | Articles

Of crucial importance to potential claimants is whether they have recourse in respect of unprofitable bargains contaminated by LIBOR manipulation,...

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Contractual Estoppel – Testing the Banks’ Position

1/11/2011 | Articles

At the end of August 2011, Sky News reported that an undercover investigation by its journalists had discovered evidence that high street banks had...

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Regime change in North Africa & the Middle East: capital flight litigation

3/3/2011 | Articles

The Egyptian government formally requests international governments to freeze the assets of Hosni Mubarak’s cabinet; the UK’s Serious Organised...

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