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ChatGPT and the Future of Dispute Resolution: The Benefits and Risks of Using AI

4/5/2023 | Blogs & Articles

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries at a rapid pace, and the legal sector is no exception. The use of AI in law firms has...

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Jurisdiction challenges and non-party disclosure applications: Court of Appeal clarifies principle governing liability for costs

4/4/2023 | Blogs & Articles

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that a non-party respondent to a CPR 31.17 application will generally be entitled to their costs of an unsuccessful...

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Crypto Asset Disputes: Case Update - Issue 3

20/3/2023 | Blogs & Articles

Since our last crypto asset disputes updates (issue 1 and issue 2), the English courts have continued to wrestle with both new and ongoing issues...

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Out of Order: Seeking the Court’s Assistance Under Section 42 of the English Arbitration Act

7/3/2023 | Blogs & Articles

One of the complaints levelled at arbitration is that tribunal orders lack teeth because, unlike a court, arbitrators do not have wide-ranging powers...

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Homeowners on Display – The Tate Modern Viewing Platform held to be a Nuisance

1/3/2023 | Blogs & Articles

In 2016, the Tate Modern opened a new extension called the Blavatnik Building. The building is ten stories high and, on its top floor, has a viewing...

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Scope of the fraudulent trading provisions under s213 of the Insolvency Act 1986: the Court of Appeal’s Decision in Bilta (UK) Ltd and others [2023] EWCA Civ 112

21/2/2023 | Blogs & Articles

On 10 February 2023, the Court of Appeal handed down judgment clarifying, among other issues, the scope of the fraudulent trading provisions under...

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PD57AC: How have the courts reacted to the new rules regarding trial witness statements in UK court proceedings?

16/11/2022 | Blogs & Articles

Practice Direction 57AC came into full effect early last year, resulting in significant changes to the way trial witness statements must be prepared.

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Insolvency Service Consultation on implementation of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Recognition and Enforcement of Insolvency-Related Judgments

11/10/2022 | Blogs & Articles

The Insolvency Service has published a consultation paper proposing the implementation of two “model laws” produced by the United Nations...

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The duties of directors of financially distressed companies: BTI 2014 LLC v. Sequana [2022] UKSC 25

6/10/2022 | Blogs & Articles

The Supreme Court has, for the first time, considered and ruled on the duties owed by directors of companies on the brink of insolvency.

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Without prejudice privilege – the CAT considers the scope of its application

5/9/2022 | Blogs & Articles

In the recent case of Sportradar AG v Football Dataco Ltd [2022] CAT 29, the Competition Appeal Tribunal ("CAT") considered the without prejudice...

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Webinar on "ESG: The good, the bad and the ugly"

16/8/2022 | Blogs & Articles

Together with Grant Thornton and Brick Court Chambers, we recently hosted the joint webinar “ESG: The good, the bad and the ugly”, where we...

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Mr D’Aloia v Persons Unknown, Part 2: Exchanges as constructive trustees of misappropriated crypto assets

10/8/2022 | Blogs & Articles

Our recent blog on D’Aloia v (1) Persons Unknown (2) Binance Holdings Limited & Others considered Mr Justice Trower’s decision to allow service...

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Service by post, email, and now Non-Fungible Tokens: The English Courts open the door to service by NFTs

28/7/2022 | Blogs & Articles

On 24 June 2022, the English courts made an order allowing for service by alternative means. Uniquely, and for the first time, the courts allowed for...

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Crypto Asset Disputes: Case Update

14/7/2022 | Blogs & Articles

Since our last update on cases involving crypto, there have been some important judgments handed down by the English courts in cases concerning...

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English courts are up to the challenge: Court of Appeal allows the Fundão Dam mass claim to proceed

11/7/2022 | Blogs & Articles

In an important decision affecting mass litigation in England, in Município de Mariana v BHP Group (UK) Ltd [2022] EWCA Civ 951 the Court of Appeal...

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Modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty: boon or bust for states seeking greater regulatory latitude on energy policy?

4/7/2022 | Blogs & Articles

On 24 June 2022, following years of negotiations, the Contracting Parties of the Energy Charter Treaty ("ECT") reached an ‘agreement in...

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A special relationship: attempted service of a US company in the UK

29/6/2022 | Blogs & Articles

Court confirms that service at the London office of another member of the same group as a California-based defendant did not constitute valid service...

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Don’t be caught out: who is the person discharging managerial responsibilities?

26/5/2022 | Blogs & Articles

On 10 May 2022, the English High Court handed down an important judgment clarifying the meaning of “person discharging managerial...

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