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Summary Judgment and Strike-Out: A Racy Reminder

4/10/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Judgment recently handed down by the Commercial Court in the motorsport dispute between Francois Kryvenko v Renault Sport Racing Limited ([2016] EWHC...

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Are You Being Served?

31/8/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Enyo’s Director of Business Intelligence, Paul Austin, was instructed to serve a claim form in the UK on Mr Mikhelson, a non-English speaking...

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Undercover Torpedoes and Unilateral Exclusive Jurisdiction Clauses

9/8/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Before the recast Brussels Regulation came into effect in January 2015, a party was able to delay proceedings in the Member State court chosen by...

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High Court Approval of Predictive Coding

25/7/2016 | Blogs & Articles

Predictive coding is one of the more recent developments in technology assisted review ('TAR') in the context of large-scale electronic disclosure...

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What Factors Will the Courts Take Into Account When Considering Applications for Security?

20/7/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The Commercial Court held last week that only in rare and exceptional cases is the wealth of an applicant for security for costs, or an applicant’s...

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The EU, Brexit and Investor-State Disputes

7/7/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The future of cross-border legal disputes is among the myriad questions raised by Britain’s proposed exit of the European Union and of significant...

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Is the right to appeal in the English Arbitration Act anachronistic?

24/5/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The purpose of this article is to summarily highlight the current importance of section 69 of the English Arbitration Act (s.69 hereafter) even...

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Court of Appeal Judgment provides welcome clarity to the law of minority shareholder rights

20/5/2016 | Blogs & Articles

The Court of Appeal ('CoA') handed down its judgment on 20th May 2015 in the case of Arbuthnott v Bonnyman and others (in the Matter of Charterhouse...

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Banco Santander Totta SA wins €272m “snowball” swaps appeal

6/1/2016 | Blogs & Articles

In November 2016 the Court of Appeal heard the above matter. The first instance decision, which is summarised below, attracted particular interest as...

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Recent case provides useful analysis on the principles of legal advice privilege

1/12/2015 | Blogs & Articles

The recent case of Property Alliance Group Limited ('PAGL') and The Royal Bank of Scotland ('RBS') [2015] EWHC 3187 (Ch) provides useful analysis of...

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Litigation and Arbitration Funding

16/10/2015 | Blogs & Articles

There are a number of funding options available that can help ease the legal costs burden and reduce the financial risk of the proceedings in which...

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Welcome clarity for shareholders on the law of double derivative claims

17/8/2015 | Blogs & Articles

The recent case of Bhullar v Bhullar is important and of relevance in confirming the availability of double derivative claims to shareholders...

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Consumer Rights Act 2015 to radically overhaul UK competition law landscape

5/8/2015 | Blogs & Articles

On 1 October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act (the 'CRA') is expected to come into force. When it does so, it will herald a comprehensive overhaul of...

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The developing law of privacy in the UK

14/7/2015 | Blogs & Articles

Privacy and private information has been a rapidly expanding area of UK law for the past decade and a half, gradually recognising and affording...

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Trustees in bankruptcy need to know extent of any personal liability before taking office

3/7/2015 | Blogs & Articles

In a Judgment handed down in June 2015 in the case of BPE Solicitors and another v Gabriel [2015] UKSC 39, a Trustee in Bankruptcy sought direction...

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Section 69 almost 20 years on…

25/6/2015 | Blogs & Articles

When the English Arbitration Bill was being debated in early 1996, a controversial issue considered was whether to retain a right of appeal on a...

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Confidentiality and privilege in a regulatory context

16/6/2015 | Blogs & Articles

An interlocutory judgement relating to disclosure and privilege handed down by the High Court last week is the first of its kind in providing some...

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The English Courts come to the aid of successful claimants in arbitrations

1/5/2015 | Blogs & Articles

The freezing injunction (also known as the Mareva injunction) has been a central feature in English litigation for several decades now, along with...

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LIBOR Claims: a Silver Bullet or a Nuclear Assault?

1/5/2013 | Blogs & Articles

Of crucial importance to potential claimants is whether they have recourse in respect of unprofitable bargains contaminated by LIBOR manipulation,...

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Contractual Estoppel – Testing the Banks’ Position

1/11/2011 | Blogs & Articles

At the end of August 2011, Sky News reported that an undercover investigation by its journalists had discovered evidence that high street banks had...

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